solution focused Coaching

build a coaching culture

Imagine your organization shifting from a command and control to a transformational human-centred leadership where leaders engage and empower people to contribute their best, where people work collaboratively at all levels and have the right conversations with the right questions to find optimal solutions.

I work with forward-thinking organizations and their leaders who want to build a coaching culture and develop their next generation of leaders. Using innovative, game-changing coaching know-how, technology and supporting training, I am able to measure, benchmark and build coaching capability at the organization, team and individual levels. The result is optimized communication, productivity, teamwork and overall employee engagement.


We help build a coaching culture and develop the next generation of leaders.


We unleash fresh energy, innovation and commitment.


We measure, benchmark and optimize human-centred leadership.


What can I say about my coaching experience with you; constructive, rewarding and inspiring. I must admit that at the very beginning I was apprehensive but quickly you gained my trust and we put in place an action plan that had a direct effect on the way I manage my team. ‘ve had a lot of positive feedback on my coaching style as well as my more receptive attitude. I really enjoyed the experience and I hope to be able to continue this positive and constructive
development with you.

Martin Robert

 Regional Sales Manager, Staples